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The Budget for Citizens contest was held in Moscow: participants composed poems and drew comics

The contest "Budget for Citizens" was held in the capital for the ninth time. According to the press service of the Moscow government, the participants offered options for the most correct raising of the level of budgetary and financial literacy of the population.

"Participants develop projects to increase the level of budgetary and financial literacy, talk about public finances, the city budget or share their experience of competent management of personal and family budgets," the official release says and notes that everyone could participate.

The participants presented their works in a wide variety of variations – in the form of blogs, electronic brochures and websites, smartphone applications, poems, presentations, comics, online quests, animated and video materials. So, a fifth-grader from school No. 656 Taisiya Kirichenko created a comic and explained the basics of the budget system to the children, and a student of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Arina Moiseeva made a video with a story about the indicators of the Moscow budget, which reflected, among other things, the structure of income and expenses. Adult participants of the competition also approached the tasks in an original way.

For example, Anastasia Grebennikova, Deputy head of financial Affairs of the Center for Accounting and Reporting from the Orenburg Region, wrote a humorous poem "100 words about the budget".

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