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Production of parmesan will be launched in the Kaliningrad region

The Kaliningrad Milk company is going to launch a cheese production plant in the Chernyakhovsk Industrial Park in December 2022. Kaliningrad writes about this.Ru with reference to the director of the company Roman Sokolov.

According to him, the plant will produce parmesan according to Italian technology, but with a different name. Also, there are plans to produce other varieties of hard and semi-hard cheeses. According to Sokolov, the company will be able to process six to eight tons of milk per day. The exact amount of cheese produced is still unknown.

The cost of cheese is promised to be made affordable — 1500-1800 rubles per kilogram of parmesan, other varieties — 500-600 rubles. "The first cheeses can be tasted in the spring. But parmesan, as you know, only by next new year, because it has to ripen. And we will release softer varieties in the spring," Sokolov said.

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