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Putin in the Far East will participate in the WEF and in the Youth Forum

President Vladimir Putin will take part in the meetings of the Eastern Economic Forum, which is taking place this week in Vladivostok. His participation was announced for Wednesday, September 7, but the head of state recorded a greeting in which he stated that the WEF enjoys high international prestige and makes a significant contribution to building up business ties between Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, actively contributes to attracting investment flows and technological innovations, more fully disclosing the rich economic and social the potential of the Russian Far East.

According to Putin, the main topic of the current meeting "On the way to a multipolar world" seems very relevant. "The obsolete unipolar model is being replaced by a new world order based on the fundamental principles of justice and equality, recognition of the right of each state and people to their sovereign path of development," he noted and added that during the Forum it is planned to conclude commercial contracts and long-term agreements with the participation of business circles and regional authorities.

It should be noted that Putin has already arrived in the Far East. In addition to the Eastern Economic Forum, he will attend the All-Russian Ecological Youth Forum, the International Forum on Tiger Conservation.