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2019-06-10 05:35

VEB Group Venture Capital subsidiary has agreed to invest RUB 2 billion in seven companies

At SPIEF 2019, VEB Ventures signed seven investment agreements worth over RUB 2 billion. This was reported by VEB Ventures in With five projects, the investment company signed an agreement on the main terms of the deal (Term Sheet) - it defines the main parameters of the deal and detailed terms agreed with the partners. An agreement of intent has been signed with two more partners. The selected projects will be able to receive financing at the end of 2019, when all the necessary expertise is completed and corporate approvals are received, explained the representative of VEB Ventures. He does not disclose the terms of the investment. Who should receive the investment: The manufacturer of composite materials for industrial and civil construction Galen - 500 million rubles. Service for delivery of products from golama stores - 500 million rubles. In February 2019, the company announced that it had attracted 150 million rubles from an unnamed private investor. The supplier of anti-corrosion and fire protection solutions, as well as thermal insulation of industrial facilities, O3 Group - 500 million rubles. The developer of the system for data protection and recovery of physical, virtual and cloud environments, Akronis-Infozaschita, is RUB 300 million under an agreement of intent. Brain4Net, which develops solutions for telecom operators - with their help they can manage their networks, traffic, databases and virtualization of service applications - 200 million rubles. The system of psychological profiling of people by photo BestFitMe - 150 million rubles. The Onco-Atlas project for molecular diagnostics of oncological diseases is RUB 50 million under an agreement of intent. VEB Ventures was established in 2017 and was called VEB Innovations until June 2019. As part of its new strategy, the company plans to invest in various projects through joint venture funds with corporations and other market players. By 2024, VEB Ventures plans to invest more than 36 billion rubles in the venture capital market. Updated at 20:55. Details of the agreements with the two companies have been clarified.

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