2019-06-07 12:50

Russian system of psychological profiling of people by photo BestFitMe attracted 150 million rubles from VEB Ventures

Russian startup BestFitMe, which is engaged in systems for creating psychometric profiles of a person by photographic portrait, attracted 150 million rubles from the venture company VEB Ventures. Representatives of the investment company told about it vc.ru. VEB Ventures and BestFitMe will set up a joint venture, which will cost 1 billion rubles as a result of the deal. It is necessary for investment on the part of VEB Ventures and strategic assistance on the part of its affiliates and companies, the partners' statement says. BestFitMe was founded by Alexey Novokshonov in 2013. In 2018, she introduced three products: Job BestFitMe, a system for evaluating candidates for employment; Sales BestFitMe, a system for increasing the efficiency of sales consultants by analyzing the client's psychological profile; and Car BestFitMe, a system that makes up the client's psychological profile and selects the most appropriate vehicle based on its characteristics. VEB Ventures was created on the basis of the VEB Innovations project, which was launched by VEB in 2017 to invest in technology companies. After the renaming, the investment company will make direct investments in startups, as well as joint venture funds with corporations and other market players. By 2024, VEB Ventures plans to invest more than 36.3 billion rubles in the venture capital market.