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The bridge over the Kaban in Kazan will be updated by November 2024


The bridge over the Kaban, due to the closure of which the center of Kazan stands in multi-kilometer traffic jams for the second day in a row, will be repaired for 1.1 billion rubles, Tatar-inform reports.

The emergency bridge will be completely dismantled, after which a new structure will be built in its place. The new bridge will be wider, but shorter. But there will be a sidewalk 3 meters wide and two bike paths. There will be four lanes in each side.

The contractor of the works was the company "Bridges and Roads". And if earlier the Kazan authorities promised to finish the work in 2023, then according to the contract, the completion date is November 2024. During this time, the contractor must repair the road along Nursultan Nazarbayev Street, as well as rebuild the entrances to the bridge. From the ferry itself, the elements of the upper structure and the retaining wall of the lake are dismantled. In addition, it is necessary to reconstruct the bridge supports, install fences and equip bike paths.

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