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Siberian Coal Energy Company fulfilled its annual coal production plan ahead of schedule

Siberian Coal Energy Company fulfilled its annual coal production plan ahead of schedule

Photo: SUEK

The team of the Anatoly Ruban Mine Management was the first in the SUEK-Kuzbass company to fulfill the annual production plan for coal production in the amount of 4.4 million tons ahead of schedule. At the same time, the advance is more than 800 thousand tons, - the SUEK press center reports.

Symbolic coal with production figures was taken out by a consolidated team of the heads of the cleaning and preparatory teams. Director of the Anatoly Ruban Mine Administration Viktor Klimov noted:

"The development of lava No. 809 - the first at the Blagodatny Glubokiy site - was not easy due to difficult mining and geological conditions. But thanks to the high professionalism and cohesion of the cleaning team of Sergey Shmalts, who made the main contribution to the success, as well as all the sites and services of the enterprise involved in the production process, it was possible to organize work in the monthly mode of coal mining of half a million or more tons. And this is a great overall victory of the team.

Evgeny Yutyaev, General Director of JSC SUEK-Kuzbass, noted that celebrating the new year in autumn has already become a good tradition for the Anatoly Ruban Mine Management. Employees were presented with a symbolic Christmas tree.

"Modern technical equipment, multiplied by the miner's ability to extract large coal, allows us to raise labor productivity to the best industry indicators in Russia!" said Yutyaev. By the end of the calendar year 2022, the company plans to complete the development of lava No. 809, to remount equipment to the next lava and to start coal mining again.

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