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A new educational space "Mine" was opened at Belgorod University


The new Shakhta space will contribute to strengthening the relationship between theoretical and practical training of young specialists. Working in the space will increase its quality in accordance with the requirements of the employer and the labor market. This was stated by the rector of the Research University "BelSU" Oleg Polukhin.

"Our main task is to provide high–quality training of specialists with the necessary skills and competencies, who are proficient in modern information technologies. Today's mining production is more of an automated process based on the use of digital information prepared by a mining engineer," Polukhin said.Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences Ignat Ignatenko presented a trolley with "extracted coal" and all six locations of the "Mine", each of which simulates the conditions of a separate section of a real mine" crate, ore yard, ventilation drift, mining site, mine workings and drilling operations.

At each site, students of the Institute of Earth Sciences can be involved in the workflow using virtual reality technologies.

A unique component of the new space is simulators, the equipment is designed to simulate various situations that can be encountered in a real mine, which is especially important for specialists who work underground. Here students will be able to learn how to operate a self-propelled drilling rig, design the development and development of deposits and mines, use mechanical and electronic mining equipment.

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