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Serial production of the Aurus Senat limousine may begin in 2025.


Artem Yusupov, the brand's sales and service director, told reporters about this, TASS reports.

"We expect that the industrialization of the extended version of the Aurus Senat is possible or more logical after we pass the facelift stage. As a result, this puts us around 2025," he predicted.According to Yusupov, we are currently engaged in the production of this version of the Senat.

"We really want an extended version of the Aurus Senat. Now it is produced by US - it has an average insert of 50 centimeters, the president's limousine has 1 meter. This car with a length of 6 130 millimeters - as we now call it Aurus Senat Long - it seems to us that it is very interesting. It has an internal partition, it has two separate seats in the back, just like the Senat, but a very spacious legroom and, in general, the so-called living space, comfort space in the car," he said.Aurus cars is a line of executive cars, which has been created since 2013 by order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Since May 2021, cars have been mass-produced at the Aurus plant in Yelabuga, Republic of Tatarstan.

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