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Russian scientists have found a way to reduce the cost of medicines for epilepsy

Russian scientists have found a way to reduce the cost of medicines for epilepsy

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Researchers from Russia have calculated the interactions between the molecules of the antiepileptic drug carbamazepine, and various auxiliary substances that increase its stability. The study will create more durable and bioavailable forms of this drug, the press service of the Russian Science Foundation (RNF) reports.

"The results of our work will help to select auxiliary substances for a variety of drugs, their forms and tasks. The approach will also increase the shelf life of drugs and the solubility of their active ingredients. In the future, we plan to continue our experiments with other pharmaceutical substances," said Alexey Manin, senior researcher at the Institute of Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ivanovo).Manin and his colleagues have been working for a long time to create new forms of medicines that would be more resistant to heat, moisture, sunlight and other environmental manifestations than their already existing variations.

In addition, scientists are trying to "package" medicines in such a way that they dissolve better in water when administered orally.

Russian scientists have discovered that the most interesting properties are co-crystals, which consist of carbamazepine and an auxiliary substance 4-hydroxybenzamide. In the future, their joint use will make it possible to reduce the cost of epilepsy medications and make them more resistant to the effects of temperature changes, Manin and his colleagues summed up.

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