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The Russian government has allocated 6 billion rubles for the development of chemical technologies and the gas industry


Research and development work on the creation of domestic equipment for gas liquefaction will be financed from the government reserve fund in the amount of 6 billion rubles within the framework of the federal project "Promotion of research and development work in civilian industries." This is stated on the website of the Government of the Russian Federation.

It is specified that funds will be allocated for the production of products based on chemical technologies.

"Subsidies will be provided to Russian companies implementing such developments. At the same time, 2 billion rubles will be allocated for the creation of prototypes of equipment for the production of medium and large batches of liquefied natural gas, the remaining 4 billion – for the development of technologies for the production of chemical products," the report says. Domestic enterprises will have to develop new gas—powered equipment - for example, an electric booster compressor, pipeline elements made of carbon steel and stainless steel, high-power technological centrifugal pumps and not only it.

This year, work should begin on the implementation of 11 such projects, which in the future will increase the volume of natural gas production. Federal funds are also allocated for the implementation of 30 projects related to chemical technologies, in particular, with artificial inulin and textile heat-resistant fibers.

It is planned that the production of higher fatty alcohols, lactic acid, lysine, citric acid, amino acids and a number of other chemical products that currently have to be purchased abroad will begin in Russia. "With the help of federal funds, automobile tires with a metal-cord frame will be created. They will improve the handling of the car and save fuel consumption," the message on the government's website also says. It was estimated here that the allocated 6 billion rubles will allow launching enterprises whose products will bring the country at least twice as much money spent.

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