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Reconstruction of the Kazan railway station in Moscow will reduce the load on the Komsomolskaya metro station


In Moscow, reconstruction of the railway infrastructure has started at the Kazan railway station — these works are required to launch the third Moscow central diameter "Leningradsko-Kazansky". The press service of the Moscow Railway says that a double-track railway tunnel built in 1925 will be rebuilt here.

"Its tracks will be lengthened and deployed towards the Mitkovskaya connecting branch – the main connecting link of the future MCD-3," the railway workers specified.It is also planned to dismantle three receiving and forwarding tracks and lay temporary main ones there in order to bypass the construction zone and preserve the current system for receiving and departing trains.

Also, the Mitkovskaya connecting branch is waiting for reconstruction, about three kilometers long — here, in particular, it was decided to build another, already fourth, main road.

Thanks to the work carried out, the third diameter will bypass two stations, which will reduce the load on the Komsomolskaya metro station. According to the head of the Moscow Railways Mikhail Glazkov, it is possible that another stop Mitkovo may appear at the intersection of the Mitkovskaya branch with Rusakovskaya Street near the Sokolniki metro station.

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