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The most successful developments in Moscow are offered for replication in all regions of Russia


The best developments in Moscow can be an example for replication in the regions of the country. Dozens of such examples were recommended by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives with the participation of federal executive authorities and commissions of the State Council of Russia for mass implementation in the regions."All the selected practices have already shown significant socio-economic effects in the regions.

The leaders in the number of approved practices are Moscow, Chelyabinsk and Moscow regions, as well as the Republic of Bashkortostan," the official website of the mayor of the capital says. It is known that there are 8 exemplary practices at once — in the category of regional and municipal management.

According to the Minister of the Government of Moscow, the head of the City Department of Economic Policy and Development Maria Bagreeva, among the practices is the unique experience of Moscow in creating a Multifunctional migration center.

"Work is carried out here on the principle of "one window" with migrant workers not only in Moscow, but also in the Moscow region. They have access to the full range of services necessary for obtaining a patent for labor activity," the official clarifies. According to her, her colleagues are always ready to advise the regions that will implement the practices developed in the capital.

By the way, since 2019, the Smarteca platform has been operating in Russia, where the best experience of the regions has been collected. The Moscow government notes that out of more than 1,000 practices presented in the database, 121 practices have been developed in Moscow, 35 of them are already being actively implemented in other regions of Russia.

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Author: Natalia Alyoshina

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