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Russian water producers want to be allowed to use financial state support measures


In Russia, a bill is being prepared for adoption allowing drinking water producers to use state financial support measures — microloans, guarantee support and others. As reported on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, there is now a ban on receiving state financial support for small and medium-sized businesses that are engaged in mining.

"It applies to producers of packaged water," the report says. According to the head of the department, "water was ignored," although its producers also need support. which also falls under these criteria, but does not apply to common minerals. We believe that this is wrong, water producers should also be supported," said the head of the ministry Maxim Reshetnikov. The website of the Ministry of Economic Development says that the department, in cooperation with other ministries, has prepared a positive response to the draft law of the State Duma deputies.

After its adoption, producers of packaged water will be able to apply for financial support from the state.

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