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Students of the "Quantorium" began preparing for the "Junior Profi" competitions


In September 2022, the pupils of the children's technopark "Quantorium", created by the government of the Leningrad region with the support of the Andrey Melnichenko Foundation and the EuroChem company, were trained at training camps to prepare for the "Junior Profi" competitions.

The training took place at the Leningrad Regional Center for the development of creativity of gifted children and Youth "Intellect". For 2 days, Roman Zhukov and Mikhail Okunev, studying at the Kingisepp "Quantorium" under the advanced level program of the High-tech direction, under the guidance of a mentor, performed tasks that were as close as possible to real competitive tasks. The first day of training began with the development of drawings of a pneumatic locomotive using the COMPASS-3D program. The guys delved into the work on the project, after which they transferred the layout drawing to the 3D modeling program. The next stage of the work was the printing of the finished layout. On the final day of the training camp, the students moved on to the stage of assembling a mock-up of a steam locomotive from parts made on a 3D printer.

After assembling the prototype, the experts got acquainted with the project, assessed its effectiveness, and also told the children and the teacher what else needs to be done to ensure that their layout is successfully presented at the competitions that will be held next academic year. "I liked the responsive teachers, the modern design of the classrooms, working with the new program and studying it, as well as creating a real prototype," Roman Zhukov expressed his opinion.

Ahead of the guys is another stage of the training camps, which will be held in December, and, of course, the competition itself.

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