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2018-10-31 01:20

The most promising markets for Russian startups - Middle East, India and Japan

Oleg Teplov, Director General of VEB Innovations LLC, told Forbes about the activities of VEB's investment division.

VEB Innovations LLC was established by Vnesheconombank in 2017 as part of its business reform to finance projects of the National Technology Initiative and the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program. Today, VEB Innovations operates in the private equity market for medium and start-up companies.

The Russian investment market is very fragmented," says Oleg Teplov. - We have 9 markets of national technological initiatives - aeronet, foodnet, neural networks and all directions that fall into the focus of the CE. But we do not limit ourselves to these areas and consider all interesting solutions. For example, we can take a young company and transfer it to the soft hands of "big" VEB.

In 2018, VEB Innovations supported a show for startups on NTV Ideas for a Million, where startups are looking for investors and trying to implement their projects. The first season ended in the spring, and the second season saw more than 200 entries. "We will help companies enter international markets. The most promising sites for Russian startups today are the Middle East, India and Japan.

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