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2018-10-15 03:45

VEB Innovations joined the development of the technology and innovation implementation standard

VEB Innovations" joined in the development of the standard of technology and innovation implementation in large public and state companies. Relevant agreement within the framework of the Open Innovations-2018 Forum were signed by Svetlana Chupsheva, Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Sergey Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank, Kirill Kayem, Senior Vice-President for Innovation of the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexander Povalko, Director General of the Russian Venture Company, Kirill Varlamov, Director of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, Oleg Teplov, Director General of VEB Innovations.

The agreement expands the pool of companies and development institutions that have joined the work on the standard and is aimed at strengthening the existing consortium with the competences of VEB Innovations, which are the "single window" for appeals to the VEB Group on the issues of innovative projects support.

Oleg Teplov, Director General of VEB Innovations, noted that "the principal novelty of this agreement is in uniting the expertise of all existing players on the part of the state". "This standard will be in demand as a methodological support for both large companies that regularly face the issue of evaluating new technologies from the perspective of their use and investment in R&D, and startups, who will see the so-called "target" for their products, - said Oleg Teplov. - There are not always clear assessments of the feasibility of certain solutions, and we want to propose a system of specific criteria by which this will be possible.

ASI Director General Svetlana Chupsheva stressed the importance of creating demand for new technologies and developments within the project. The consortium has already received 50 corporations, both Russian and foreign, which are ready to systematically articulate any demand for various technologies to increase efficiency and productivity," said Svetlana Chupsheva. - The next wave of connections is ahead - 50 more companies are ready to join the expert group".

Kirill Kayem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations of the Skolkovo Foundation, said that "all mass hubs and conglomerates of startups - in total, several thousand projects - have gathered together as part of the development of the Standard". "I hope that the developed standard will allow corporations to become more civilized and aggressively absorb new technologies," Kirill Kayem emphasized.

According to Kirill Varlamov, the director of FRII, the standard should be "something medium between PMBok and ISO 9000 standard". "Each corporation, based on the standard, should be able to determine its level of innovation demand and then work as a "checklist" with a set of recommendations described in the standard," said Kirill Varlamov.

Let us remind you that the standard is aimed at forming system proposals to create demand for technologies developed inside Russia, as well as increasing the competitiveness of domestic companies. The mechanism will take into account the best Russian and international practices, as well as previous research in the field of innovation. The standard will include expert recommendations aimed at creating a comfortable business environment for the introduction of new technologies and solutions.

It is planned that the standard will be developed by the end of 2018. In 2019-2020, the standard will be implemented in large and medium-sized companies, which will voluntarily apply it in their work. As part of the testing of the standard, a number of startups will have the opportunity to work in partnership with corporate investors.

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