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2018-09-21 05:10

For the first time, a special program "Territory of Innovations" took place as part of the IV WEF

The main topic of the program was the development of technological entrepreneurship and digital economy in Russia.

The "Territory of Innovations" project became an important part of the program of the IV Eastern Economic Forum. The main agenda of the program was the development of technological entrepreneurship and digital economy in Russia.

The program of the event included a series of business sessions with representatives of Russian and international investors, top management of Rusnano, VEB-Innovations, Far Eastern High Technology Foundation, Far East Development Corporation, Skolkovo Foundation, RVC, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra Development Fund, who were introduced to the projects that were pre-selected from more than 100 applicants from Russia, CIS and Asia. The general partner of the Project was the Chinese Association of Zhuhai Macau University Alumni, which unites many leaders of Chinese technology companies. The following startups received the investment proposal.

"Fast elephants" is a service for managing remote employees (pedestrians and car couriers, taxi drivers and loaders, repair workers, sales representatives, etc.) from a smartphone and optimizing business processes in distributed teams.

"TransLomPererabotka (part of the TransLomPererabotka Group of Companies) is a company that implements projects to build an eco-technical park for the disposal of industrial waste in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra and the Republic of Tatarstan, and is a developer of technology for the safe dismantling of pipelines and technology for the disposal of metal-containing waste.

"Travelchain is a decentralized data exchange platform that is used to create applications in the tourism industry. This allows companies to better know their customers' preferences and allows travelers to receive personalized offers from commercial companies.

"Bartini is an unmanned, vertically take-off and landing electric drone that is intended to be used as an aerotaxi using blockchains for the mass aviation market and the development of the city's "vertiport" air taxi ecosystem, which in the future will be able to solve the transport problems of metropolitan residents.

Negotiations with companies are currently underway.

Several agreements were signed at the Innovation Territory site, including the agreement between the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra Development Fund and Universa on technological partnership, within the framework of which Universa will provide its blockchain platform for investment project management. The Russian Export Centre signed a quadripartite agreement with the Republic of Udmurtia, the Udmurt Republic Development Corporation and the REC Export School. The document will make it possible to implement the "Export Growth Accelerator" program in the region, which is aimed at creating conditions for successful export activities and raising the level of awareness of regional enterprises of the systematic measures of state support in the field of foreign economic activity.

"The Territory of Innovations was created to support Russian startups in attracting investments, finding partners and exporting their solutions to international markets.

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