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October 8, 2019

Russia exports composite materials to Peru

The Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow announced the beginning of sales of fiberglass profile and carbon fiber produced by the Nanotechnology Center of Composites.

Fiberglass profile is planned to be used in the construction of various fences, and fiber as an additive to improve the properties of concrete.

Products of the company's Nanotechnology Center for Composites are already being exported to India, Kuwait, USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Western Europe.

"The NCC is one of the oldest residents of the capital's Special Economic Zone, which enjoys tax breaks and other measures to support the capital's government. We are glad that the company is expanding the geography of supplies. This creates a positive image abroad not only for the company as a manufacturer of high-quality products, but also for the city as a whole," quotes the press service of the head of the department, Alexander Prokhorov.

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