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October 10, 2019

Russian electric catamaran is represented in Europe

The Russian project of an electric catamaran equipped with modular energy storage systems is presented in Europe.

Morsviazavtomatika, a domestic manufacturer of energy storage systems, ship electronics and propulsion systems for marine transport, presented the project of electric catamaran and modular energy storage systems Prometheus at the MSV-2019 exhibition in Brno.

The use of modular energy storage systems makes it possible not only to operate the vessel efficiently during the whole working day (8 hours), but also to significantly reduce its noise level and increase its environmental friendliness. Modular design and serial production of the system elements significantly reduces time and cost costs in the manufacture of equipment.

Two versions of Prometheus storage systems, UniEnergy (energy) and UniPower (power), were also presented at the exhibition.

In addition to modularity, Prometheus' energy storage systems differ from their analogous wide range of applications. These complexes can be used in water transport, industry (as stationary and mobile industrial uninterruptible power supplies, as well as energy storage for power plants to smooth peak loads and redundancy), in the IT-industry as uninterruptible power supplies for mobile communication stations, data centers and PBXs, in the automotive industry as a high-power charging station for all types of electric vehicles, as well as to provide electricity to private homes

Among the main advantages of Prometheus energy storage systems, the manufacturer names high power density, scalability, rapid deployment and installation, integrated fire extinguishing and exhaust system, scalable monitoring system capable of providing a single view of the complex physical infrastructure of the facility, built-in cooling system, vibration resistance and shock resistance.

Separately, the manufacturer notes that the system modules are equipped with "quick contacts", allowing the replacement of individual system modules in seconds, even by an unskilled technician.

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