2019-11-08 05:05

Participants of Russia Creates will present creative startups to investors in Abu Dhabi

On November 20-23, 2019, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, will host the first meeting of participants of the Russia Creates community, which aims to unite the brightest and most talented representatives of the Russian creative industry, opening up unique opportunities in the dynamically developing markets of the Persian Gulf and Asia.

The community members are entrepreneurs, businessmen and creative people whose creativity and entrepreneurial initiatives have changed the whole industry, affecting such areas as design, art, architecture, food industry, education, cybersports, fashion, music, film, advertising and branding, banking sector, media, IT and many others.

Russia Creates rethinks the standard perception of Russians. The goal of the community is to show the world that professionals and entrepreneurs from Russia are talented and open people with flexible and non-standard thinking, sense of humor, able to inspire, surprise and create, and they are the ones who are able to offer non-standard ideas that really change the world!

Abu Dhabi supports creativity and innovation at the governmental level, and is very interested in attracting creative people and new ideas from around the world. Funding for the creative industry in the amount of $160 million will make Abu Dhabi one of the centers of the world. Neighboring Saudi Arabia is also interested in creative people and ideas, as it is already beginning a cultural revolution in the field of entertainment with an investment budget of 64 billion dollars in creativity.

They will take part in Russia Creates program: Saif Saeed Gobash, Deputy Secretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, Oleg Beriev, Founder of Mildberry and Yummy United, Bill Bragin, Director of the Center for the Arts of New York University in Abu Dhabi, Yegor Yakovlev, Founder and CEO of Platforms and Solutions and Founder of Russia's first online cinema Tvigle, Konstantin Sidorkov, Director for Strategic Communications of the VKontakte social network, Yury Krestinsky, Executive Director for Healthcare Industry in Sberbank, Gunel Ismailova, Director for Business Development of Ginza Project, Ilya Popov, co-author of the animated series Smeshariki and President of the Russian Animation Film Association, Irina Azarova, founder of the Fresh Restaurant Network, Mikhail Mukasey, cameraman and producer, Vasily Tsereteli, director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Mikhail Tsaturyan, and photographer Sasha Gussov, Inna Bazhenova, founder of the IN ARTIBUS Foundation and initiator of cultural projects, Nikolay Uskov, editorial director of the Forbes magazine, Andrey Reznikov, music producer, Svetlana Bolshakova, founder of the Direct Speech Lecture Hall, Irina Volskaya, founder of the Fragment Art Club, Ekaterina Rumyantseva, general director of Kalinka Group, and many others.

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