2019-11-20 09:54

High-tech exports have been tangled in models

The participants of Barcamp University 20.35 in St. Petersburg discussed topical issues related to the problems of export services promotion in Russia. The existing methods of export promotion are outdated and focused on goods, proposals and actions of the state, and do not keep up with the rapidly changing market. Experts see a way out of the situation in the formation of bases abroad, unification of companies into consortiums, ready to offer modern solutions, granting access to long money and replication of the monopoly export model of the State Corporation "Rosatom".

"In order to implement the presence of domestic technological companies in foreign markets, Russia's export policy in the international market requires serious changes. The international services market is the least sensitive to protectionism and is less regulated than the commodity markets," noted the participants of the plenary discussion. This fact creates great opportunities for our country, but the state support is focused on the export of goods.

The Institute of Support is not yet aware of a concrete plan of action to promote the services market: it is too diverse, which creates difficulties in finding a balance of power between mass support and individual approach. It is worth noting that statements about the wrong approach to the application of state support measures can be heard regularly. According to Dmitry Peskov: "The country lacks the knowledge and skills to choose technology markets where to earn money.

Dmitry Peskov voiced three possible predictions for the development of high-tech exports. But to date, if you go into detail, the introduction and implementation of these goals in reality for Russia seems like a "fantastic scenario.

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