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2019-11-20 10:08

The first underground ideaton has passed at the Delovoy Tsentr subway station

"I'm like the hero of a movie that bought the subway and rides it alone. Cool!" - a group of guys is photographed in an empty subway, closed for one day for the contestants. Not far is a purple monster - Hakatonster, which periodically run up to hug the participants.

The site is quite open and understandable. Do you need meeting rooms? Here are subway cars. The platform of the station serves as a stage for speakers. Only a little time passes and the guys with multicolored hair, who loaded the selfies from an empty subway car to Instagram an hour ago, have a serious conversation with representatives of VTB, experts of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and the city department, behaving about their developments.

Aleksey Parabuchev, Director of the Moscow City Innovation Agency, thinks that not only "efficient trains can run on the subway site, but also super efficient ideas can be born". That is why the ideaton takes place in the subway. The projects, which have passed to the final on this and other ideatons, will have an opportunity to launch the pilot to test the extent to which their solution is workable.

By the way, so that everyone understands what we are talking about. Hackathon is an intellectual marathon for young guys, aimed at work in the field of information technology. In less than 60 hours, the formed teams will have to create an IT product. This is exactly what the participants expect in the final of the Moscow Mayor's Award, which will take place on December 2. Ideatons, in turn, are understood as preliminary industry meetings, which are a great opportunity to complete individual ideas and solutions of the guys in a well-coordinated team.

This site is a kind of center, which brings together young professionals and entrepreneurs, who can literally "polish" and form a fully staffed and ready to work team. So, for example, in one of "transfer rooms" with young guys the chief of department of IT-projects of SUE "Mosgortrans" Artur Shchetinin to whom participants have come with the offer to improve the mobile app "Mosgortrans", having more than half a million users.

Funny at first sight, but also very important task on search of employees stood at VTB agents. They were looking for hackers on the sites.

The final hackathon will take place in December. Own IT solutions will be presented by 250 teams, many of which were identified on the last ideaton. Based on the results of the citywide hackathon, the teams that offered the most relevant solutions for Moscow will be able to test the viability of their products within the Urban.Tech Accelerator.

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