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The Global Technology Leadership Forum will be held in Sochi from 5 to 7 December

2019-11-20 10:16

The Global Technology Leadership Forum will be held in Sochi from 5 to 7 December

The event will bring together representatives of development institutions, companies, investors and authorities.

The forum will feature topics of artificial intelligence, new production technologies, sensorics, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics. All these questions will help define the shape of the world economy and the leadership potential of countries in the new decade.

"Russia should become a global player on the world stage in the field of artificial intelligence," Vladimir Putin said at the Artificial Intelligence Journey conference on November 9.

The event will begin with a discussion of the topic "Innovative ecosystem of the state: achievements, mistakes, experience". Businessmen, representatives of government authorities and development institutions will be able to speak to the audience in the form of a monologue on a topic of their concern at the forum.

They will share their experience in crisis management, how to overcome the management barrier.

On December 6, there will be a planetary discussion with the participation of leading technology companies, where experts will share their views on what to expect from large corporations in the country. They will also talk about how the government should encourage such companies.

The forum will conclude with an open meeting of the Venture Market Council. Representatives of venture capital funds and venture capitalists will come together to sum up the results of 2019.

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