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2020-01-22 12:29

German companies localize agricultural equipment production in Rostov region

"The Regional Development Corporation in cooperation with German partners will ensure localization of equipment production for agriculture. On the German side, the partner will be the companies RundZ GmbH and Köckerling GmbH&Co.KG. It is planned to produce conveyor belts, drums for conveyors, adhesive systems for connecting conveyor belts, materials for protecting equipment from wear and tear, linings of drums and repair materials, as well as agricultural equipment and machinery.

"Our plant offers sowing technology, and we intend to promote it, our technology in the Rostov region. The Rostov region is the second largest sowing area in Russia. We see the potential of the region as high. We embody the intentions about possible localization of soil tillage and sowing equipment production. This is not a ploughing technology, but an energy-saving soil tillage technology without active mixing of the top layer, which is not very desirable in the Don region due to lack of moisture," explained Eugene Maurer, Commercial Director of Köckerling GmbH&Co.KG after signing the agreement.

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