2020-01-27 10:17

The Russian comedy blockbuster Kholop was successfully released in the USA

Having collected more than RUB 2.74 billion (USD 44 million) in Russian distribution, the Russian film Kholop began conquering foreign markets. The film premiered in the U.S., with all tickets sold before the start of distribution, on January 25. Under conditions of unprecedented demand, a decision was made to introduce additional screenings.

To evaluate the novelty will be able to residents of 28 cities in the U.S. until February 2. The success of the film in foreign markets told the representative of the distributor Alexander Belyakov:

"In some of the theaters, several sessions were planned, but the tickets were bought so quickly that we had to urgently introduce additional sessions and extra halls, including New York, Philadelphia and Toronto.

We have expected huge interest as the film have set box-office records in Russia and abroad, but the demand from American viewers was even higher than expected. Marketing buzz works so well that viewers are asking to show the film in their city or neighborhood, which greatly simplifies our work in promoting the film on the market."

While the authors of the film are preparing for box office records in the U.S., Kholop has already managed to get to the fees of $ 1 million in Europe, and the license for online rental has acquired the largest video platform in China IQIYI.

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