2020-02-06 11:41

The rating of the most modest cities of Russia has been published

According to a federal sociological survey conducted by the independent research agency Zoom Market, in January 2020 the fastest Russians live in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Tyumen.

Respondents were asked three questions: Tell me, do you like to attract attention to yourself? Do you like to showcase your achievements, assets or prosperity? Can you call yourself a humble person?

This is followed by cities like: Omsk (4), Saransk (5), Krasnoyarsk (6), Volgograd (7), Nizhny Novgorod (8), Vladivostok (9), Chelyabinsk (10), Tambov (11), Samara (12), Ufa (13), Perm (14), Bryansk (15), Yekaterinburg (16), Saratov (17), Voronezh (18), Simferopol (19), Moscow (20), Rostov-on-Don (21), Krasnodar (22) and Sochi (23).

Andrei Shtyrov, commercial director of the agency, specified that 68% of respondents consider themselves modest people according to the survey results.

At the same time, the expert noted that modesty adorns, but a "truly humble" person will not call himself modest.

The survey was conducted by the method of personal interviews in 23 cities of Russia. The total sample was 2760 interviews:

The research agency Zoom Market was founded in 2008. Its main specialization is sociological surveys and marketing research. During its existence the agency has implemented more than 500 research projects. Among its clients there are various state and executive authorities and the largest Russian companies.

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