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2020-02-06 03:30

A new aviation rotary piston engine has been developed in Russia

Within the framework of the joint project of the Foundation for Advanced Studies and the Central Institute of Aviation Motor Construction named after P.I. Baranov, a promising aviation single-section turbocharged rotary piston engine (RPM) was developed. With a working volume of 0.4 liters and the weight of the rotary and stator module of the RPM of 28 kilograms, the maximum peak power value achieved in the engine definition tests was more than 120 horsepower.

The main task faced by the developers of the new engine was to eliminate the lack of the RPM, namely the low service life of the main engine components and increase the overall service life of the power plant while improving its high specific characteristics. The solution was to apply new generation composite metal-ceramic materials with high physical and mechanical characteristics to the design. The composites, in particular, are used in wear-resistant stator insert, radial, oil-lift and rotor end seals, bearing units, wear-resistant eccentric shaft coating.

The engine also uses a specially designed unique turbocharging system, some of its elements are manufactured using additive technology using domestic raw materials. The domestic electronic engine control system has also been developed and a modern fuel supply system has been designed.

The right choice of the above design and technological solutions was confirmed in the course of the full range of bench tests. In particular, round-the-clock resource tests lasting more than 250 hours for aircraft and helicopter cycles were conducted. Subsequent defects confirmed the extremely low wear and tear of parts at the level of allowable wear and tear of parts of classic internal combustion engines and the best RPD. On the basis of the spent experimental researches on the confirmed techniques of the Central institute of aircraft motor building the overhaul resource of the engine in 1000 hours and full resource - 5000 hours is defined.

Also in the course of high-altitude and climatic tests on the unique stand UV-3K with a thermal bar chamber the possibility of stable operation of RPD in a wide range of temperatures - from -63.8 ° C to +52 ° C and heights - up to 10 000 meters, as well as the ability to maintain the take-off power to a height of 7 000 meters is confirmed. The engine is capable of operating on various fuels, including gas, aviation and motor gasoline.

The main areas of application of the prospective engine are unmanned aerial vehicles, light aircraft, robotic platforms for various purposes, as part of hybrid power plant generators, as boat and automobile engines.

Leading enterprises of the aviation industry, companies specializing in the production of recreational equipment and representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have already shown interest in the innovative development of Russian scientists.

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