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2019-12-05 10:01

Siemens and Energomera together will create a comfortable urban environment

JSC "Electrotechnical factories "Energomera" and Siemens signed a cooperation agreement. It is aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment and ensuring high living standards for citizens. The document was signed by Victoria Kursikova, Director General of Energomera, and Dmitry Podgorbunsky, Director of Intellectual Infrastructure Department of Siemens.

The agreement envisages cooperation between the companies in the field of application of modern advanced solutions and equipment. Such partnership will allow to develop and strengthen the principles of sustainable development of industry, energy system, transport and other spheres of activity and thus build a comfortable living environment for citizens. In particular, the companies will form the conditions necessary for implementation of innovative energy-saving technologies in the energy complex of Russia, development of the power distribution system, creation and development of a building and facilities management system based on intelligent networks. The agreement also envisages joint work on projects in the area of digitalisation of civil infrastructure, as well as implementation of joint educational programmes based on the electric power faculties of higher education institutions.

The agreement will open new opportunities for localization of Siemens solutions in Russia based on Energomer's production facilities, and will also allow attracting the most advanced innovative technologies to the Russian power industry to increase its efficiency.

"The signed agreement is the beginning of our cooperation with JSC "Electrotechnical plants "Energomera", in the course of which together we will strive to create the most comfortable environment for citizens. Our experience and advanced solutions in synergy with the energy production facilities of Energomera will allow us to work effectively on topical issues of the industry - including follow the course of the country on the digitalization of energy," - said Dmitry Podgorbunsky.

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