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2019-09-02 12:30

RBC names 35 largest EdTech companies in Russia

RBC estimates that EdTech's Russian market reached 30 billion rubles in 2018. A third of this money - 9.625 billion rubles - was earned by 35 major companies.

The position in the rating was determined by the amount of revenue for 2018. The first place was taken by the online English language school Skyeng (Br1.1 billion), while the second - by Nethology-Group (the indicators of the University of Internet Professions "Nethology" and the online school Foxford, only Br780 million) and the third - by the developer of corporate training software iSpring (Br627 million).

The full list looks like this:

1. Skyeng (RUB 1.1 billion)

2. Netology-group (780 million rubles)

3. iSpring (RUB 627 million)

4. Maximum Education (600 million rubles)

5. Ymney (560 million rubles)

6. SkillBox (RUB 540 million)

7. (500 million rubles) (500 million rubles)

9. GeekBrains (RUB 480 million)

10. GetCourse (RUB 420 million)

11. Mirapolis (368 million rubles)

12. Vash Repetitor (300 million rubles)

13.Infoyrok (RUB 246 million)

14. City Business School (RUB 207 million)

15. Lingualeo (200 million rubles)

16. (175 million rubles)

17. Puzzle English Group (170 million rubles)

18. Easy Ten (150 million rubles)

19. Sikorsky Academy (145 million rubles)

20. Algorithmika (RUB 143 million)

21. Wikiym (135 million rubles)

22. eQueo (130 million rubles)

23. Universiarium (120 million rubles)

24. EnglishDom (110 million rubles)

25. HTML Academy (101 million rubles)

26. YaClass (100 million rubles)

27. Inlearno (95 million rubles)

28. Teachbase (RUB 95 million)

29. Skill Cup (RUB 94 million)

30. Netrika (89 million rubles)

31. Otus (80 million rubles)

32. FROO (RUB 74 million)

33. Uniweb (JetSkills, JetSpeak, LiveCV, JetTrack - 70 million rubles)

34. SkillFactory (RUB 61 million)

35. Eduson (60 million)

The rating was prepared using data from the companies themselves, the Contour Focus system and open sources. Those companies which tie the financial year to the school year - InternetUrok, SkillFactory, SkillBox - have income from July to June.

The list did not include international projects, projects of state organizations and universities, companies for which EdTech is an applied activity, platforms providing services for writing diplomas and coursework.

The rating was compiled with the participation of Deputy CEO of RVC Alexey Basov, investment manager of FRII Dina Karakash, partner of iTech Capital Alexey Soloviev, project manager of IT cluster of "Skolkovo" foundation Dmitry Starikov and CEO of EdTech accelerator Ed2 Natalia Tsarevskaya-Dyakina.

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