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2019-12-05 01:10

Azimut plans to increase the production of control and counting equipment to cover Dagestan's demand for this equipment

The production of cash registers was discussed today by Artyom Zdunov, Prime Minister of Dagestan, with Asker Saidov, CEO of Azimut.

According to the Prime Minister, the issue of providing these devices to retail outlets is of fundamental importance for the country. "Now the process of tax registration of citizens and, above all, entrepreneurs is quite active in the region. In addition, those who are already taxpayers, must necessarily use cash registers. First of all, this applies to those industries, where today we have introduced mandatory marking of manufactured products. However, entrepreneurs often say that it is not always possible to obtain this technique, to service it. Therefore we would like to put the decision of this question on a system basis", - has stated intentions of the Government its head.

Asker Saidov, in turn, acting as an investor, proposed to establish production of up to 10 thousand apparatuses per month on the basis of Azimut JSC and thus quickly cover the region's need for cash management equipment - currently, the republic needs more than a million of such apparatuses. Moreover, due to the development of production, additional jobs and, accordingly, tax deductions will appear.

Artyom Zdunov admitted that this equipment, which is a huge database as a result, is a good investment for the region. Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Industry to work out the issue in detail, having thoroughly studied the sales market.

In addition, during the meeting it was discussed the possibility of applying in the conditions of the development of the country and other potential of the company Azimut, which, among other things, develops, mass-produces and delivers "turnkey" means of communication, navigation, landing, monitoring and automation of air traffic control to enterprises of civil aviation, as well as develops and implements complex projects for equipping and re-equipping airfields and air traffic control centers.

The company's order portfolio includes more than 20 types of serially supplied products. More than 60% of Azimut JSC employees are highly qualified specialists, including doctors and candidates of technical sciences engaged in research and development of new products.

Due to successfully carried out technical re-equipment the company managed to achieve production volume of 4.8 billion rubles in 2018, the average salary - more than 64 thousand rubles.

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