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2019-12-04 02:05

Alkor Bio expanded deliveries of its products to Belarus

The national champion Alkor Bio received registration certificates of the Ministry of Health of Belarus for a wide range of its products. We are talking about a line of reagent kits for hormonal diagnostics (Steroidipha-DHEA-sulphate, Steroidipha-17-On Progesterone, ELISA-SSG, ELISA-RARR-A, Gonadotropinifa-free Beta-HGH, T3, TG), oncomarkers (OncoIFA-RAA, OncoIFA-SA 19-9, OncoIFA-SA 15-3, OncoIFA-SA 125), allergy kits (ELISA common lgE, allergy-specific lgE and allergens to it) and ELISA ferritin reagent kits, the company's press office reports.

Alkor Bio Group of Companies is a leader in the Russian market of reagent kits for hormonal diagnostics, allergy diagnostics and oncomarker identification. For 27 years of work Alkor Bio has accumulated unique experience in the development and production of reagent kits for immunoenzyme and molecular genetic analysis. And one of the priority areas of this activity is the production of a wide range of oncomarkers. Alcor Bio" kits for the determination of oncomarkers are unique products on the Russian market, because they have high sensitivity. In addition, thanks to modern technology, the range of detectable concentrations in them is twice as wide as in similar test systems, which allows to successfully monitor the effectiveness of therapy and monitor the course of the disease. These tests have proven themselves in clinical practice and are now widely used by laboratory services in Russia and CIS countries.

For hormonal diagnostics Alkor Bio produces several dozens of test systems: for diagnostics of thyroid function, adrenal gland function, reproductive function, as well as for prenatal screening. For the diagnosis of allergy - the widest range of allergens, mixtures of allergens and allergic components of all major groups (food, medicinal, professional, meadow and weed, pollen, insecticide, insect poisons, tick, epidermal, animal proteins, parasitic, etc.), a total of 770 items.

Production of Alkor Bio entered the Belarusian market 15 years ago, in 2004, when a line of test-systems for hormonal diagnostics was first registered in the Ministry of Health of the Republic. Since then, the range of reagent kits supplied by GC "Alkor Bio" to Belarus has expanded significantly. "Alkor Bio" plans to add to the list of products supplied to Belarus in the future through its new developments, including innovative ones.

Alkor Bio exports its products to the CIS, EU, Southeast Asia and South America. The share of deliveries abroad in the structure of revenue is about 15%.

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