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2019-12-07 01:39

Kaspersky's Infowatch refused to develop Tigafon due to software incompatibility

Infowatch Natalia Kasperskaya refused to develop a corporate smartphone "Tigafon", with the ability to flexibly customize security profiles, in order to minimize the risk of leaks of sensitive information. The project appeared in 2015.

As reported by Kaspersky CNews, initially Infowatch tried to make the "Tigaphone" based on one of the models of Sony Xperia. Engineers conducted the device Jailbreak and added to the firmware of the necessary functions. However, Sony tracked the intervention, disabled access to the phone in Google Play, and then completely locked the device. The device for 80-100 thousand rubles "has become a pumpkin," said Natalia Kasperskaya.

The next step in Infowatch was to try to make another version of the phone on the standard version of Android [note: not to be confused with Google Android]. However, it quickly became clear that with such a phone does not work familiar applications in which were interested potential buyers of "TaigaFon". And each organization is interested in its own set of software.

According to Infowatch, meeting the requirements of potential customers will require much more resources than the company has. And investments in billions of rubles. As a result, Infowatch has refused to develop. According to Kaspersky's estimates, losses amounted to 40 million rubles.

An alternative to TaigaFon could have been a device developed in rich Rostelecom. In 2018, the operator asked the Ministry of Communications to develop a draft government decree that would oblige government officials to use service smartphones with the Russian operating system Aurora (former Finnish Sailfish) by 2019. The project did not take place.

In September, Kaspersky Lab [Eugene Kaspersky's company has nothing to do with Natalia Kasperskaya] and CommuniGate Systems announced the start of work on "client applications" for KasperskyOS (a new system, not related to Android). The partners will try to start with a minimal set of applications to automate daily business processes and communications.

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