2020-06-13 10:13

"Bashneft" has taken a step towards participating in the catalyst business...

The deal to purchase 51% of the authorized capital of Sterlitamak RN-Kat LLC was approved by the Board of Directors of Bashneft (part of Rosneft) at its meeting on June 10. The company's authorized capital is 100 million rubles. This was announced by Kommersant. Ufa.

The firm was founded, according to kartoteka.ru, in August 2018, specializing in the production of major inorganic chemicals. The main owner of "RH-kat" with a share of more than 50% is its general director Ilshat Usmanov, 13.26% for Aidar Tagirov, 6 and 4% for Alexander Bodroy and Elvira Rahmatullin.

Reasons for joining the company, as well as other details of the deal, are not specified in Bashneft's materials, the publication notes.

Meanwhile, based on a number of indirect facts, Devon news agency suggests that in this way Rosneft, represented by Bashneft, intends to initiate entry into the business of producing import-substituting catalysts.

Judging by the common registration address of RN-Kat (Sterlitamak, Technical 32), the firm is affiliated with Sterlitamak Catalyst Plant LLC. This plant is a part of Bashkir "KNT Group" along with Ishimbai Specialized Chemical Plant of Catalysts (ISKZK). The director of Ishimbaiskiy specialized chemical plant of catalysts is Alexander Bodryi.

He is also listed at the same address:

- OOO "KNT-KAT", whose founder and director is Ilshat Usmanov, mentioned above.

- JSC "Bashkir Soda Company" (BSC), established in May 2013 by merger of JSC "Soda" and JSC "Kaustic".

- JSC "Bashkir Chemicals", the main shareholder of BSC (57% of shares).

In April 2018 IA Devon reported that Ishimbaysky plant will supply 2.6 thousand tons of chemical products for Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim and Bashneft-UNPZ for catalytic cracking. The contract for 442 million rubles became the most expensive in three years of cooperation between the parties. The products are to be delivered to the refinery by March 1, 2020.

Little attention is paid in Russia to the development of domestic catalysts for hydrotreatment, cracking and hydrocracking processes in the oil industry. This was stated by President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov. "At the same time, Bashkortostan has set up production of modern catalysts for oil refining and petrochemical industry - at Sterlitamak Catalyst Plant, Ishimbai Specialized Chemical Catalyst Plant and Salavat Catalyst Plant", - said Rustem Khamitov during his report at the forum "Big Chemistry".

"I believe that the issue of creating a state catalyst holding in the country is ripe," said the head of the republic.