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New old dresses, or how to give a second life to forgotten fabrics

New old dresses, or how to give a second life to forgotten fabrics

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How to turn an antique dress into an ultramodern one? Why is it not necessary to throw away old fabrics? And how to awaken a fantasy in yourself to give clothes a second life? Angela Krivova from Penza knows the answers to all these questions. And willingly gives them to the editorial board of "Made in Russia". Recently, the girl won a presidential grant and now teaches her skills to everyone.

Why did you connect your life with design and tailoring?- All my adult life I have been engaged in creativity, and this is not surprising.

I managed to trace the pedigree of my mother's line to the 5th generation, all the women of my family sewed, knitted, for the family and for earnings. I started my career as a designer with beaded crafts, postcards, children's toys. And for the last 7 years I have been engaged in individual tailoring of children's and women's clothing.

Have you studied somewhere? How did you improve?- I am self-taught in my profession.

I remember finding information piece by piece, hunting for books and courses, spoiling expensive fabric. Now I remember this period of life with a smile. Last year, I was visited by the idea that I could help the same as me incompetents with a frenzied desire to sew things for themselves. I registered my idea and submitted it to the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives for a grant competition. I won a grant for 500 thousand rubles. I collected all my savings, my parents and spouse helped, and opened my sewing and design school "Young Tailor". Grant funds were used to purchase missing equipment and salaries for teachers who teach children (14-35 years old) tailoring skills. There are 15 people under my wing now. They study for free.

Remaking old dresses in a new way – how was the idea born? And why is it the alteration, and not the sewing of new ones?- Last year I got the idea to create my first collection of clothes.

Upcycling (remaking old things into new ones – approx. editors) – this is now "on the wave". And also a great interest in the Russian style of clothing. I decided to combine these 2 directions. I collected valances, tablecloths, and plaques from my mother in the village with a 50-70-year history, including hand-embroidered by my grandmother and aunt. Later, friends began to bring old napkins, shawls, fabrics. I found lace on Avito with the request "lace of the USSR". Grandmothers brought me skeins wrapped carefully in old self-sewn bags with the seals of Soviet factories.
So the collection "Darling" was born. These are things of actual volumes and shapes, sewn from modern fabrics using antique inclusions. Things with a soul. Hence the name.
Later, linen shopping bags with embroidery and T-shirts with embroidery "Darling" appeared in the collection.

What is the first advice you give to beginners?
- Use all the possibilities. The Internet provides incredible opportunities. You can write to any artist in any part of the world and offer a collaboration. I did the same thing. The embroidery design was provided to me by the artist of the State Historical Museum in Moscow. I myself saw the works posted for the competition and offered cooperation.

What is more important in clothes – beauty or practicality?
Practicality - 100%. Clothes are for a person, not a person for clothes. I gave up heels a long time ago. Make-up is also not about me. The things I wear are about convenience. I live in them, not suffer inconveniences. At the same time, no one cancels their creativity, modernity and beauty.

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