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2019-08-22 05:45

JSC "METACLAY" will be the only supplier of ATP tapes in Russia

Fiberglass unidirectional reinforced "ATP LENTA" is a unique product, which is a composite material based on modified polyethylene.

Adhesive polymer of the tape, developed by "METACLAY" JSC, can carry different properties, so the new product is in demand in oil and gas and civil construction, shipbuilding, engineering, design and other industries. The tape is custom-made to any width, due to its flexibility can be wound in several layers, providing greater strength.

In the Russian market fiberglass "ATP LENTA" is an innovative product, which is primarily designed to protect the anticorrosive polymer coating from mechanical effects during the construction, operation, repair and reconstruction of pipelines with a diameter of 219 to 1420 mm. It allows to reliably protect the outer layer of extrusion pipes and cables, preventing surface damage during installation and operation. Creates a reinforcing layer to reinforce the structure in the production of composite pipes, sheets, panels, cellular and other structures.

"ATP LENTA can be used in constructions where armored tape is provided, it will allow to preserve strength properties and add additional advantages during operation of cables and logistics of checkpoints.

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