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The Russian manufacturer of lacquers and paints increased its output by 2.4 times


Pigment Holding (Saint Petersburg) increased its output by 299% in the first nine months of 2022 compared to the same period last year. The holding's enterprises produced 2.22 million kilograms of various lacquers, paints and industrial coatings in 9 months. The largest growth occurred in the powder coating segment, where the increase was 500%. The achieved volume is a record in the last five years. This is stated by the General Director of Pigment-Holding LLC. Alexander Shikhanov spoke at the Moscow International Chemical Forum within the framework of the exhibition "Chemistry-2022".

The Russian paint and varnish materials market has changed dramatically. Until February 2022, it was a familiar arena for the work of world players with the ability to keep the cost of the product low due to scale, systematically entering the market of new products and thoughtful marketing. It was difficult for domestic producers to compete with this. The departure of 90% of foreign manufacturers of finished products and European suppliers of raw materials has created radically new conditions. Domestic companies had to simultaneously solve both operational tasks and development issues.

Pigment was able to promptly respond to market demands in the new sanctions conditions and offer consumers optimal import substitution options. The key was the rapid development of new recipes and the selection of alternatives for raw materials. We started doing this task back in 2021, so by February 2022 we had already come up with a list of alternative suppliers of raw materials. The pool of suppliers has increased 3 times, we work exclusively with Russian partners, but this does not mean that absolutely all raw materials are domestic. For some types of European raw materials used, we switched to offers from "friendly" countries, including raw materials from Pacific producers," said Alexander Shikhanov, General Director of Pigment Holding LLC.

The second important step, which allowed us to significantly increase volumes, is testing new components in formulations. Such tests require from 40-50 days. Having started a year ago, Pigment-Holding definitely came more prepared for the current situation, now it gives the company a serious competitive advantage.

"As a result, this year we avoided a shortage of raw materials – recipes for components from friendly countries have already been worked out and launched into the market, so there was no stop against the background of sanctions. We also updated the production base in advance – in February we opened a new plant near St. Petersburg with modern equipment. Expanded the testing equipment fleet, increased the staff of developers. As a result of the explosive demand for manufactured products, increased workload, the company's revenue for the first 9 months of 2022 amounted to 469% of the corresponding period last year," Alexander Shikhanov noted.

The result of all the actions taken is not only a multiple growth in all directions, but also the transition to work with new sales markets. This year's new clients are large companies such as Tikkurila, Zagorsky Pipe Plant, TMK TR, TVEL–Tobolsk, TMK NGS Nizhnevartovsk, Lankor, Uralchermet, etc.

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