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On November 25 and 26, the Digital Diamond Forum will be held in Yakutia

On November 25 and 26, the Digital Diamond Forum will be held in Yakutia

On November 25 and 26 in Yakutsk, the Ministry of Finance of Russia together with the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will hold a forum "Digital Diamond". This is reported in the press center of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Moscow.

The event will bring together heads of regions and representatives of federal and regional authorities, heads of large companies working in the field of IT, digital media and gaming technologies. They will discuss the problems that have arisen in the industry due to the sharply complicated foreign policy situation, and the prospects for the development of Russia as an advanced technological power.

The plenary session of the Forum will be devoted to digital sovereignty. It will be attended by the head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Maksut Shadaev, the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev and leaders of the IT industry of Russia.

The main topics of the Forum:

• Russia as an independent technological power

The issues of technological leadership, sovereignty in the field of software, information infrastructure and cybersecurity will be considered. Separately, it is planned to discuss the creation of digital twins, the development of smart city technology and geoinformation services. The track will end with an open dialogue with the participation of the head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Maksut Shadaev

• Development of the Russian media industry

Leading experts of media, cinema and animation will discuss measures to support animation production in the regions and the work of domestic online cinemas.

• Problems and prospects of game development

The game industry is a promising direction, actively developing all over the world. During the track, domestic developers, publishers and investors will discuss the problems of finding personnel and financing igroprom projects.

The Forum will also include a Far Eastern developers' marathon "HACK-the-ICE 4.0", qualifying games of the Russian Open Championship in sports programming, presentations within the framework of the acceleration program "B8" and animation projects of the "Arctic Startup Expedition".

An exhibition of domestic equipment and software will be presented to the participants of the event. A separate platform will be dedicated to IT projects of the forum hosts - Yakut companies.

Detailed program and registration on the forum website.Read more interesting news in our Telegram channel


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