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KrasAvia Airlines received the first of 26 helicopters from the factory in Kazan


Krasnoyarsk airline KrasAvia received the first Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter from the Russian Helicopters Holding. According to Rostec, the delivery was carried out under a contract that involves the transfer of 26 vehicles to the carrier under a non-commercial leasing program for the renewal of the air fleet in the regions of the country.

The Mi-8MTV-1 is manufactured at the Kazan Helicopter Plant. The new helicopters are equipped with lighting technology that improves orientation in space and increases flight safety. It is reported that passengers and cargo will be delivered by helicopters to remote villages in Siberia and the Far East.

The Rostec aviation cluster says that there are many hard-to-reach territories in the country, which can only be reached by helicopters.

It is known that by the end of the year, KrasAvia will receive 12 cars, the remaining ones in 2023.

"The Mi-8MTV-1 has proven itself as a reliable and practical helicopter. It allows you to perform flights with autonomous basing on unequipped sites, is indispensable in regions with a large number of hard-to-reach territories and the harshest climate. The machine can be operated at temperatures up to minus 50 degrees and travel a distance of up to 620 kilometers without installing additional tanks," the state corporation said in a release.

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