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Livestock enterprises that supply products abroad will undergo surveys

Livestock enterprises that supply products abroad will undergo surveys

The unified procedure for the inspection of livestock enterprises that are interested in supplies abroad will be introduced from March 1, 2023. The official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation clarifies that we are talking about those states that are not part of the EAEU.

"The definition of requirements will help to avoid unreasonable claims on the part of importing countries, as well as to suspend shipments from individual enterprises that do not comply with foreign requirements in a timely manner," the report says.

It is known that a survey is required to confirm that production and manufactured products meet the requirements of importing countries. If the country recognizes the mandatory requirements of Russia, and the manufacturer fulfills them, then the survey will not be required.

To pass a free examination, enterprises must submit an application through the "VetIS" or "One Window" system. The ministry promises that the procedure will not exceed 20 working days. The survey report will be valid indefinitely, unless countries change the requirements.

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