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A new course will appear in Russian universities, which will form a patriotic image


A new course for the formation of a patriotic image of Russia is planned to be introduced in the country's universities. According to the portal <url>, it was decided to teach it to students of all specialties in order to "place ideological accents." The first version of it will be prepared by the Presidential administration and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation by March.

"This course is part of the previously announced project "DNA of Russia", which is a full—fledged reform of higher humanitarian education. During the implementation of the project, it is planned to instill in students values "corresponding to the national interests of the country", as well as to form an "image of the future of Russia" based on the "pentabasis" of values: "patriotism" (for the country level), "trust in public institutions" (for the state level), "consent" (for the society level), "traditions" (for the family level), "creation" (for the human level)," the source said.

Andrey Polosinp, director of the Rosatom Department for Interaction with the regions, is called the ideologist of the media project.

It is planned to tell students about the emergence of the Russian state, explain its specifics and traditions. Also, university students will be told why Russia "has always had to withstand the onslaught from a variety of external opponents."

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