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Equipment weighing 640 tons was delivered to the Moscow Oil Refinery by rivers


The Moscow Oil Refinery received Russian equipment for the construction of a deep oil refining complex. According to the portal "Made with us", after its implementation, the processing efficiency will reach almost 100 percent. The company will process raw materials without residue, and the result will be products that are in demand on the market.

"13 units of domestic equipment with a total weight of 5 thousand tons were delivered along the Volga, Oka and Moscow rivers," the portal said in a statement.

It is specified here that devices have been delivered from Volgograd that will produce an additional volume of gasoline and gas engine fuel from oil residues, as well as petroleum coke. It is known that the chambers, which weigh 640 tons, are made of heat-resistant steel and can withstand temperature changes up to 500 degrees.

Last summer, a column weighing over 1.2 thousand tons of high-strength steel was also delivered from St. Petersburg to the enterprise.

According to official information, the construction of a complex of deep oil refining, designed until 2025, will be a key project of the last stage of modernization of the enterprise.

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