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VTB survey: every second Russian trusts domestic banking technologies


More than half of Russians — almost 60 percent - trust domestic banking technologies. At the same time, 90 percent of the country's residents are sure that commercial institutions need to switch to domestic software. Such results are demonstrated by the VTB survey.

"Every third respondent has already switched completely or partially to Russian software, including 18 percent switched to domestic technologies both at work and on personal devices. Another 19 percent of respondents are only planning such changes. 19 percent of Russians do not intend to install Russian programs, and for a third of users this factor is not important in principle," the bank said.

It is known that every fifth resident of Russia uses domestic mobile app stores. 59 percent of respondents trust domestic banking technologies, and 39 percent of them are sure that Russian programs are similar to foreign ones, but one in five believes that they still lose to foreign ones in quality.

Every third respondent admitted that using domestic software, he feels safer. People are confident that if new sanctions are imposed, the equipment will not suffer. At the same time, one in four fears that services produced in Russia will not be able to fully replace imported ones.

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Author: Natalia Alyoshina

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