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2019-11-25 04:59

CSort presented a new photo separator in Europe

Germany (Hannover) hosted the Europe's largest agricultural machinery exhibition Agritechnica-2019. Altai company CSort presented to EU agrarians its new photo separator with "jewelry" sorting accuracy - SmartSort series B, as well as noriya of its own production and a comprehensive solution - a platform that allows you to build a photo separator in the technological process.

This year "Agritechnika" is located in 27 halls. And it would take at least three days to get around this exhibition completely. The company CSort presented its novelties at "Agritechnica" for the third time. In 2015, the company started exporting from this exhibition. The company is supported by "Russian Export Center" and traditionally has a separate stand, which is located in the pavilion next to other manufacturers of equipment for sorting products. The stand of CSort was visited by hundreds of guests. Negotiations on the purchase of a new SmartSort device and a complex solution are currently in progress with a dozen of European companies. CSort equipment was presented under the brand name "Made in Russia", for the use of which the company has previously passed two-step certification and confirmed the quality of the produced devices.

European customers could see and evaluate the work of the new SmartSort photo separator right at the stand. Guests brought their products, which the device immediately cleaned from unnecessary and dangerous impurities. In total, the separator sorted out about twenty different products. The most unusual was the core of cherry bone, which is added to cakes and pastries. New SmartSort successfully coped with such an unusual task, a potential customer was satisfied with the result.

- An important trend in Europe is now to reduce product losses during processing, cleaning. That's why European agrarians highly appreciated our novelty: SmartSort B-series, unlike other devices, practically does not give losses of a suitable product. At the same time, this quality of cleaning is ensured from the first time, rather than from the second, third sorting, as it used to be, - says Maxim Savinkov, the founder of the company CSort.

Maxim Savinkov named the abandonment of fertilizers and pesticides as another important European trend in agriculture. And here the new device SmartSort turned out to be by the way: it, for example, successfully cleans the product from fusariasis and ergot (it is a big problem for many farmers in different countries). The rejection of agrochemicals and the introduction of sorting allows you not to contaminate the soil, protect the nature.

Maxim Savinkov notes how seriously approaches to agricultural machinery are changing in the world. Thus, this year the gold medal of the exhibition "Agritechnica" was awarded to the company John Deere, which provided a fundamentally new perspective on this.

- We can conclude that the tool of the future for the agrarian is not a tractor, but a smart mobile power plant on wheels. This is a transition from an iron horse to a "smart" guide! - says Maxim Savinkov.

It should be noted that "Agritechnica" is held every two years. By the next exhibition CSort plans to develop another novelty, taking into account the needs of its Russian and foreign customers.

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