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The final stage of the All-Russian scientific and engineering program for schoolchildren and students "Stratospheric Satellite" has started


The final stage of the All-Russian Scientific and Engineering general development program for schoolchildren and students "Stratospheric Satellite" has started for 30 schoolchildren from 9 regions of the Russian Federation. It will be held at the Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Chernogolovka, Moscow region.

The program is aimed at involving schoolchildren in engineering and technical creativity, scientific research in the field of cosmonautics, support for children's and youth research and engineering projects in the field of designing CubeSat form factor spacecraft.

More than 50 teams took part in the qualifying stage of the program, and 10 teams in 2 main directions "Stratonaut – candidate" and "Stratonaut – tester" passed to the final of the program. As part of the final stage of the program, participants will have to test their projects when they are launched using a stratospheric probe into the stratosphere (about 25 km) in conditions close to orbital. The results of the engineering tasks and the tests carried out will be presented by each team on the final day of the full-time stage and evaluated by the jury members consisting of specialists in the rocket and space industry.

The organizer of the program is the State Corporation "Roscosmos" with the support of the Association of Participants of Technological Circles, LLC "Stratonavtika" and the Federal Center for Additional Education.

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