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2020-03-30 11:41

Company CSort transformed business due to coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

The Russian company CSort - manufacturer of photo separators - introduces new methods of work at the moment of transformation of markets. The company has developed a new service - CsortCloud. Thanks to the program the equipment let out CSort can be adjusted, supervised and repaired remotely and free of charge. The solution is especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, when, on the one hand, Russian enterprises in the agricultural sector need to increase the production of high-quality cereals, on the other hand - when business trips of service engineers are at risk.

The main clients of CSort company are cereals plants, photo separators allow to clean buckwheat, millet, rice and other cereals from quarantine clogs, harmful and dangerous impurities, stones, pieces of land, seeds of weed plants. Malfunction of such equipment can result in delays in the release of products to the market, downtime of the enterprise and millions of losses. CsortCloud service allows not only to set up CsortCloud photo separators remotely, but also to eliminate problems in the mode "24 by 7".

- In a difficult situation, we decided to provide timely and free assistance to Russian manufacturers. The system has already been tested at some agro-industrial complex enterprises and came to the conclusion that it often allows solving the problem before the customer gets to know about it," says Maxim Savinkov, founder of Csort, "Besides, CsortCloud helps to track the life of spare parts and avoid downtime due to their timely replacement. It's like a gasoline arrow in a gas tank, which shows how much more you can drive.

The developers of CsortCloud service have provided regular software updates in automatic mode, which also ensures more stable equipment operation and minimizes downtime. Part of the service is also a mobile application, which allows the management of the client enterprise to monitor the operation of the separator from anywhere, at any time.

- An entrepreneur will always be able to be in touch"with his company via the CsortCloud system, says Savinkov. He will also be able to monitor the quality of his products online at any time or see the results of his company's work in the last week, month, year. He will also be able to see the quality of the raw materials brought to him by the supplier. After all, we take into account every grain, for us every grain is like a photo model!

The service is available not only on new CiSort photo separators, but also on previously installed equipment of the company. The company is ready to start mass introduction of CsortCloud to all comers.

- The coronavirus pandemic is pushing many companies to innovative solutions. Introduction of CsortCloud is the first step to automate production, to their work without human involvement, - says Maxim Savinkov.

For your information. The innovative Csort company develops and manufactures high-tech equipment for sorting bulk materials. The Russian leader in terms of sales volumes of its own photo separators, is a member of the association Rosspetsmash and the Altai cluster of agricultural engineering. Csort has representative offices in 9 countries of the world, equipment supplies go to 26 countries. In 2019 the company became a participant of the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia "National Champions", also Csort was recognized as the best exporter of Siberia in the nomination Exporter of the year in the field of high technologies. (Russian Export Center competition).

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