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An experimental performance based on Tolstoy will be staged in Russia's first rural theater


A professional rural theater from the village of Motygino in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is the first such theater in Russia to stage an experimental performance based on Leo Tolstoy. In Siberia, he will revive the format of the home theater. TASS writes about this, referring to the words of the director of the play, Peter Nezluchenko.

"The Motyginsky Drama Theater is staging Yaroslav Pulinovich's play "Boyhood" based on the famous story by Leo Tolstoy. We decided to revive the format of the home theater of the times of the great writer, when everyone gathered together in one of the rooms of the house and watched the production. The Motyginsky Theater is doing this for the first time in Siberia," he said.

Everything will take place not on stage, but in the foyer of the theater. It plans to create a homely atmosphere. Such a hall can accommodate only 36 people. The performance itself will take place on December 4.

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