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Scientists from the Russian Federation on excavations in Egypt found data on a marriage scam 2 thousand years ago


Employees of the Center for Egyptological Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences during the excavation of one of the ancient graves in Egypt found a papyrus with a story about a marriage scam 2 thousand years ago. According to the newspaper Izvestia, it happened in the third century BC.

"This is a complaint from the deceived bride of Philumena to King Ptolemy with a request to punish Numenius, who promised to marry," the publication explains.

According to the source, the groom appropriated the bride's dowry and disappeared. Egyptologists found this data in the Deir el-Banat necropolis in the Fayum oasis - here scientists from Russia with the support of the Rostec State Corporation are regularly engaged in excavations.

It is known that people were buried in this necropolis from the IV century BC to the period of Byzantine Egypt of the IV–VII century AD.

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