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The first plastic recycling plant has appeared in the Far East


A plastic recycling plant has been put into operation in Primorsky Krai — garbage is brought here from landfills of solid household waste. As the Tsargrad TV channel reports, this is the first such plant for the Far East.

The region, due to the difficult environmental situation, such an enterprise is necessary!

According to the head of the company "NC Recycling" Alexander Vigovsky, who launched the plant, the company can issue up to 50 tons of plastic pellets monthly, while the capacity can be doubled without modernization.

Canisters, cellophane bags, plastic for various purposes can be processed here, and the pellets obtained are in demand, for example, in the production of polymer products for agriculture, fish production, companies for the production of garbage bags, sewer pipes and non-food packaging are also interested in products.

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Author: Natalia Alyoshina

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