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Social gasification is extended to medical and educational institutions


The social gasification program has become indefinite and has been extended to medical and educational organizations. The website of the Ministry of Education of Russia reports that kindergartens, schools, polyclinics, hospitals, paramedic and obstetric centers, general practitioners' offices and outpatient clinics located in gasified settlements will no longer pay for the construction of the gas pipeline to the borders of the land plots where they are located.

It is known that the very connection of buildings to gas networks is now also free for institutions.

The Ministry of Energy noted that during the heating season, the process of pre-gasification of medical and educational organizations is of great social importance, as this will ensure a stable supply of gas to institutions in the autumn-winter period.

In addition to this factor - the extension of the rules of social gasification to the infrastructure that ensures the normal life of people in the regions, this should eliminate a strange bias. Some settlements in Russia were already gasified, and educational and medical institutions continued to use coal or even firewood.

As explained in the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), to simplify the gasification procedure, unified forms of connection documents are being introduced - application, contract, technical conditions. All documentary work will be carried out by the gas distribution organization, and the Unified and regional gasification operators will monitor the conclusion of such contracts.

In addition, the term for setting tariffs for gas distribution organizations is shortened - the FAS will set the tariff within 30 working days (previously - 40 working days). Applications and materials on setting tariffs can be sent in digital format.

The FAS of Russia will approve a standard form of conclusions of regional regulatory authorities, which will be prepared electronically with the help of the FGIS EIAS.

When applying for boiler room gasification, the connection work will be carried out by gas distribution organizations at the expense of funds received as a result of special allowances already introduced. Tariffs for gas transportation by gas distribution organizations and tariffs for gas transportation services through gas distribution networks, as well as from other sources of financing. If there is a shortage of these funds to cover the costs of connection, a Single gasification operator will help with financing.

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Author: Natalia Alyoshina

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